The Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios de Puerto General San Martín will be the first cooperative in the country to have its own self-insurance, which will allow it to take the risks of occupational accidents suffered by the stevedores instead of taking out private insurance.

Self-insurance is an added value when managing a large number of employees. It requires economic and financial solvency and is issued by the State under the supervision of the Superintendency of Occupational Risks.

At a private level, only a few organizations can afford self-insurance, let alone a cargo handling cooperative. After fulfilling an extensive list of requirements, a long observation period and a thorough review by the National Occupational Risk Authority inspectors, the stevedores were able to obtain a state resolution allowing the replacement of risk policies under private companies with the self-insurance system created in 1995.

In order to formalize this resolution, on 17 July, at 11:45 a.m. at the CCREP heliport (Nerbutti and Puerto San Martín watercourse), Dr. Juan González Gaviola, head of the Superintendency of Occupational Risks, will submit the resolution to the President of the Cooperative, Mr. Herme Juárez, and several provincial and municipal authorities.

This long-awaited achievement makes the stevedores cooperative the only worker cooperative in Argentina in dealing with prevention and considering health, safety and environment as an integral part of its basic values when it comes to the protection of its members.

In opposition to the privatization tendency, our entity takes responsibility for providing health coverage to its staff through its own HMO and an extensive list of agreements with high complexity hospitals in Rosario and Buenos Aires.

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