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In 1969, Herme Oscar Juárez became the President of the Cooperativa de Trabajadores Portuarios, founded in 1961 together with other 23 cooperatives along the country, against a backdrop of lack of jobs for the stevedores in Puerto General San Martín.

The President of the National Grain Board, an institution that exercised control over job assignment at that time, favored the ports in Rosario and Villa Constitución and pushed the stevedores in Puerto General San Martín to hunger and unemployment. Nevertheless, the dockworkers’ persistence, strength and working capacity enabled them to organize themselves and be part of the national project that led to the formation of dockworkers’ cooperatives.

Nowadays, ours is the most important cooperative in Latin America and has achieved an outstanding position at international level —it is the only one that remains from that national project aimed at assembling dockworkers’ cooperatives.

The other organizations gradually dissolved due to different circumstances.

Our main corporate asset is workforce: it is our human capital that generated development and created efficiency. However, our growth would have not been possible without a leader who had —and still has— the clarity and the ability needed to take each step purposefully. This leader is the President of the cooperative, who clearly set the course from the very beginning: become one, work hard and consider the company as a big family.

And this is what still prevails, over and above the hundredfold increase in the Cooperative’s revenues during the past thirty years, the fact that ninety per cent of its employees are homeowners, and the economic and social benefits they enjoy. Herme Juárez not only serves as the President of the Cooperative, he also provides the workers the assistance they need and helps them to improve themselves and become better persons, following his belief that “work ennobles man”.

Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios: a project based on hard work and the distribution of incomes among its members, driven by a President who knew how to defend his workers and to protect the source of employment in the whole region, a very supportive person, concerned about social issues, a tireless worker deeply involved in politics for the common good.

Herme Juárez: forty-three years struggling to promote work, justice and solidarity.

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