Fluvial and Maritime Department

The Fluvial Maritime Division is the youngest area of ​​the Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios Ltda. de San Martín, which seeks to enhance national sovereignty with immediate responses to the comprehensive demand of shipowners, maritime agencies or ships in their call at the San Lorenzo agro-export complex.

Cooperative Institute of port Professionalization

The tugboats "Coopor Estibador" and "Coopor Estibador II* offer the best technology available in the country to provide port towing, escort and custody, rescue and firefighting services with FiFi system.

Coopor La Portuaria

The dredge "Coopor La Portuaria" (DAMEN CSD500) is the first Argentine one and the Iberá and Inje-July-Maan complete the group of vessels in charge of transporting personnel and heavy machinery wherever services are required along the length and width of the waterway.