Unloading of barges and fertilizers

Unloading of Barges and Fertilizers

We are backed by more than 20 years of experience in the unloading of barges and fertilizers in the San Lorenzo agro-export complex. We have more than 20 electro-hydraulic clamps of 5-8-10-12-20 T per m3 and two vessels of 41 and 21 meters in length to transport them, as well as tool boxes, backhoe excavators and front loaders.

The circuit from the time the clamp is filled to the time it is unloaded is between 50 seconds and 1:30 minutes. This allows us to reduce time and costs for our customers, ensuring quality work in a timely manner.
The Cooperative has the necessary logistics and machinery to distinguish itself from the competition, reducing the time required to transport equipment to the port terminal and assuring the integrity of the workers by having electro-hydraulic clamps with no risk of electrocution.


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