Ship Stowage

Ship Stowage

The Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios Ltda. de San Martín provides services ranging from loading and unloading to storage, including stevedoring and unstowing activities, unloading and transshipment of merchandise between ships or between ships and land or other means of transport.

Our experienced team safely and efficiently plans and manages the loading and unloading operations of ships of all types of cargo in the different port terminals, providing safety and efficiency in each job carried out under the highest safety standards.

We have qualified personnel and we constantly invest in the necessary machinery so that operations are carried out in time and form, and thus optimize the loading and unloading processes to reduce operation times.
The know-how acquired in 60 years of experience confirms us as specialists and allows us to assist in any port terminal to supervise and control the loading and unloading operations that our customers demand.


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