Cooperative Institute of port Professionalization

The Cooperative Institute for Port Professionalization qualifies and trains stevedores entering the Cooperativa de Trabajos Portuarios Ltda. de San Martín. The education program was specially designed to optimize their performance on their jobs and consists of 5 modules which include talks about the risks they will be exposed to when working on ships and barges, connections and disconnections of liquids and hazardous substances, and unloading or transfer of bulk fertilizers at docks or docksides. They are also trained in how to coordinate an emergency and learn resuscitation and salvaging techniques, man overboard exercises, how to deal with a drowning victim and rescue techniques.



At the end of the training, they must take an exclusive exam with everything learnt in the different modules to begin their work with the importance and security that knowledge and experience provide.


The Port Professionalization Institute is constantly advancing with technology and globalization, for this reason, and with the desire to train our Cooperative stevedores in port operation and learn about the different scenarios and machines they will be working with on a daily basis, simulators with a high level of realism and state-of-the-art technology were acquired to be used in virtual educational spaces.


The simulators have a seat with built-in remote controls, exactly replicating their position, to achieve the sensation of operating on the real machine through its movements and vibrations.


Through learning with simulators as a means of training and to achieve a level of excellence, expert stevedores can be trained in: Operations with front loader in cell and barge, operations with backhoe loader in cell and ship holds, operations with e-crane in barge, work with a tower crane, work as an operator handling barge lids and work as a cane handler for bulk cargo stowage.


Once the training is finished, the stevedores will obtain the corresponding certification and will be able to control any situation since they have been trained in safe environments that replicate real experiences of each machine and equipment that they will use in the different port operations.

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